24 Jul 2020

Integrating data, technology, and content: The Ole!Connect way

By Ole!Connect

Digital marketing: 2020 

With everything that’s happened in the last few months, it’s hard to think back to BC – Before Corona. But the world of digital marking didn’t lockdown when the rest of the world did. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and now, some six months later, this constantly evolving environment has always required a fast and agile approach to stay afloat.  

Ole! Connect has been riding the wave of change for some time, shifting course, and adjusting where necessary. Just over a year ago, we relaunched our service offering as a single business unit with a three-pillar focus.  

A leading provider of data, technology and content-driven digital marketing solutions –  our mission is to help brands better understand and engage with their customers. Our approach utilises and integrates comprehensive data, cutting-edge technology, and compelling content in a way that connects the type of marketing to the message and the moment. As with the industry we work in, our approach will adapt and change – it has to. But right now, the Ole! Connect way empowers us to cut through the noise and deliver extraordinary customer experiences, and we’re okay with that. 

We use a data-driven marketing approach 

We have access to one of the continents largest network of data partners. The insights we gather from analysing data that’s collected through consumer interactions and engagements allows us to form predictions about consumer behaviour. This wealth of information helps us understand and define audiences to drive meaningful connections, build highly targeted campaigns and perfect our marketing efforts.   

We build audience connections with compelling content 

A richer and more in-depth picture of audiences enables us to create high-quality content that tells a story around the concepts that customers value most. From the articles that we publish to video creation, social media, and bespoke design – our content helps brands to rank high, drive online leads and create business opportunities.  

We’ve embraced technology to engage audiences across multiple channels 

Technology provides us with the opportunity to reach and connect with audiences. We’ve built up an impressive collection of technology partners and platforms that not only facilitates the customisation of content and creative executions but also gets that content into the hands of the right people at the right time.

Need help with any of these technologies? 

Our team are highly skilled in the following technologies and are ready to assist. For Web Development, Node.js and React. For Mobile App Development, Flutter and React Native. For Customer Experience, Oracle Bluekai, Oracle Eloqua, HubSpot, SharpSpring and Everlytic. For Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, including, App Engine, Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and BigQuery. For Data Visualisation, Data Studio and PowerBI. 

Connect with us 

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